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Josh Hart may need to talk to Frank Vogel after anti-analytics rant

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Josh Hart inadvertently tossed shade at new head coach Frank Vogel after going on an anti-analytics rant. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Josh Hart does not want 45-year-old dudes who are analytics-focused and haven’t hooped before telling him what to do.

Nobody tell Frank Vogel.

In an appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ “No Chills Podcast,” Hart went on an anti-analytics rant in which he said, in part: "You telling me that this dude that’s 45 that never played, doesn’t have an athletic bone in his body, gonna tell me how to play basketball?”

Here is the clip (NSFW language):

So, about Vogel: The new Los Angeles Lakers head coach is 45 years of age. And he definitely advanced to an NBA head-coaching position because of his background in analytics, not because he played two seasons of Division III college basketball.

Vogel served as the video coordinator at Kentucky under Rick Pitino before filling the same role with the Boston Celtics, moving to the NBA under Pitino. That led to an eight-year stint as an NBA assistant coach before he took over the Indiana Pacers as a head coach in 2011.

And now he’s Josh Hart’s coach.

It’s uncertain when exactly the podcast was recorded, though Vogel was announced as the Lakers’ next coach on May 11. Regardless, it’s an awkward statement for Hart to make, especially because he nailed Vogel’s age to the exact year.

But Hart continued firing off on Twitter on Wednesday against common folk having thoughts on basketball.

When Vogel was introduced as the Lakers coach on Monday, he specifically mentioned “having an analytics-based approach to playing the game outside-in” as one of the beliefs he would try to instill in his new team.”

Perhaps this is just a case of unfortunate timing. But considering the chaotic state of the Lakers organization at the moment, this is another face-palm they did not need.

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