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Josh McDaniels won't attend NFL scouting combine. In Indianapolis. Huh ...

This is all probably one big coincidence, Josh McDaniels not going to the NFL scouting combine in Indianapolis. But it sure is humorous.

Let’s just say had McDaniels gone to Indy, he might have needed a good disguise. McDaniels isn’t the most popular man in Indianapolis (is McDaniels more hated in Indy or Denver? Discuss). He famously agreed to become the Indianapolis Colts head coach, then called back a few hours later to tell them he changed his mind. That isn’t going to play well in any city.

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The NFL scouting combine happens to be in Indianapolis every year. This year’s combine starts there on Tuesday. McDaniels, however, won’t be making the trip.

Note that this is all of the Patriots offensive coaches. So it’s not like McDaniels is refusing to get on a plane to Indianapolis for a second time this offseason. Mike Reiss of ESPN.com said McDaniels and the offensive staff likely would have gone had the team not been in the Super Bowl, which shortened the offseason. But if you’re here for the jokes …

The Indianapolis Star did a good job compiling some of the best one liners off social media from Colts fans.

It probably shows how little regard Bill Belichick has for the combine, at least as it relates to his assistant coaches. Ben Volin of the Boston Globe said the staff is working on some “projects,” which apparently couldn’t wait for a week so the staff could see and meet with the prospects in this draft. There are roughly 31 weeks between the Super Bowl and the start of the next regular season. Must be a heck of a project they’re working on.

McDaniels staying back in New England and not going to the combine is realistically unrelated to him turning down the Colts and becoming a villain in Indianapolis forever. But it sure is humorous.

Only one of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, left, and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will be at the scouting combine. (AP)

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