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JPMorgan blockchain chief: Why we launched our own cryptocurrency

Daniel Roberts
Senior Writer
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    One of the main benefits of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is that it exists outside the banking system. A JP Morgan cryptocurrency? LOL
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    This is literally the thing that Bitcoin was invented to avoid.
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    It is
    The future is scary. Imagine these huge institutions in control of the world's wealth. What could go wrong? The day cash vanishes it will be the end of our democracy as we know it.
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    fred r
    The main questions are: Who will control the nodes, and who will hold the coins? Sounds more like a sham coin controlled by company servers.
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    This is more of a marketing ploy, the "coin" will be valued and exchanged for US Dollars. Seems just a little bit better for the consumer then Disney Dollars.
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    Antonio Margheriti
    Sorry, but a bank with a private blockchain is still a centralized sham
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    Mat Cauthon
    This is such marketing BS...... a blockchain is - ONLY - a method for validating transactions..... and there is - no difference - between a 'stablecoin' and a dollar in a JPM account. By this measure, we've been using cryptocurrency ever since the first record of value on a clay tablet.
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    Antonio Margheriti
    I thought Jamie Dimon hates crypto?
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    SOooo u see that big banks see the promising future of crypto currencies and blockchain and now are jumping on the bandwagon.
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    I do not trust this coin. there are other stable coins more reliable