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New Juicer Reviews By The Juicer Directory Unearth The Best Masticating Slow Press Juicers

The Juicer Directory has created a new comparison review pitting its three top juicers against one another to find the ultimate winning product for consumers

Stratford, CT, United States of America / ACCESSWIRE / July 24th, 2014 / Juicers are able to create delicious drinks from fruits designed to be a healthier alternative to soft drinks, preserving the natural goodness of the ingredients. However, the aggressive process used by the high velocity blades actually breaks down the molecular structure of fruits in the process, harming their fiber content and simplifying their sugars so they are not as healthy as they could be. As such, health purists like to use slow press, masticating juicers to preserve the goodness of fruits while still making delicious smoothies, juices and shakes.

The Juicer Directory has long been a repository of knowledge for such enthusiasts, and has now compared the three top-rated models to see which comes out on top. The contenders are the Omega 8006, the Breville Juice Fountain Crush, and the Champion G5-PG710. A detailed review is available for each individual product, as well as a discussion of the advantages of masticating juicers, all here at The Juicer Directory.

The review cites the reduced oxidation, higher juice yield and great results from even ‘dry’ vegetables as strong reasons to pick one of these three models. The editorial even describes the advantages of centrifugal juicers as a third option for those that need to make high quantities of juice regularly. The Omega wins the day however, with just .2 of a star between it and the second place Champion.

According to Barry Maclise, the winner was apparent from the start, “The Omega is the narrow winner thanks to marginally better features and crucially, far superior value to the Champion. Both products are outstanding, and we recommend them to anyone who has the time to wait for the most thorough results on the market. For those in a rush or dealing with high volumes however, a centrifugal juicer may still be the superior choice.”

About The Juicer Directory: The Juicer Directory is a website dedicated to high quality, in depth product reviews released by all major manufacturers including Breville, Omega, Champion, Green Star, Vitamix and Hurom. The site lists reviews by manufacturers as well as publishing cross comparison features to keep consumers best informed when it comes to better health through juicing.

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