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Why is Julia Roberts taking pictures with so many famous soccer players?

Actress Julia Roberts walks the pitch at Old Trafford last November. What’s she up to? (Getty)

What are you up to, Julia Roberts?

What are you, doyenne of 1990s cinema, really trying to pull? Why is it that you seem to be quietly assembling one of the world’s largest private collections of pictures with star soccer players?

Because you were at it again this week.

Here you are with Juan Mata on Tuesday after Manchester United began its preseason training in Los Angeles.

And here’s you with, well, everybody from this past April’s El Clasico in Madrid.

Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo

Sergio Ramos

Marcelo and Real manager Zinedine Zidane …

Luka Modric …

Oh, and from last year: you with Paul Pogba

And Ander Herrera

What are your intentions with our soccer players, Julia? What’s your end game?

Are you doing research for a movie on sleeve tattoos? Or maybe getting tips on tax evasion?

Your kids always seem to be around when you’re snapping pictures with those soccer players. So it’s conceivable that they’re big fans and that you just kind of tag along. Although you seemed positively giddy to meet Ronaldo.

Are you simply just a fan, Julia? Is that it?

That seems like far too simple an explanation.

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