Julian Assange’s Twitter account has vanished

Julian Assange’s personal Twitter account, @JulianAssange, has vanished from the platform. Users searching for his account this morning are met with an error page, indicating that the Wikileaks founder’s account has either been user-deleted, or suspended or banned by Twitter itself.

The official Wikileaks Twitter account, which in the past has appeared to be directly controlled by Assange, is still up and running. There’s no mention of what might’ve happened to Assange’s account on the Wikileaks account.

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The last tweet from Assange’s account came on December 22nd, and didn’t contain any material that Twitter might have found offensive:

However, Assange’s previous Tweets — and habit of posting personal information about individuals — might’ve caused him to run afoul of Twitter’s regulations. The platform has recently had a crackdown on prominent Twitter users overstepping the lines and violating Twitter’s terms of service, which has seen many prominent alt-right accounts suspended.

Twitter has not yet commented on the situation.

On alt-right Twitter, speculation is running rampant that Assange was suspended because he’s about to publish significant information about some kind of upcoming investigation. There’s no direct evidence to support that, and big news dumps have traditionally come via the official Wikileaks Twitter.

Assange has been living in the Embassy of Ecuador in London, UK, since 2012. He is wanted for questioning in Sweden over alleged sexual offenses, although no formal charges have ever been issued.

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