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Juliane Hough Receives Heartwarming Dance Request from Child Battling Cancer

Chad Weiser

Abri Bentley, a 11 year old girl from Scottsdale, Arizona was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in her left leg at 7, and now all she wants to do is let loose with former "Dancing With the Stars" favorite, Julianne Hough.

Abri was wheelchair bound and has completed 17 rounds of chemo along with undergoing a failed limb salvage surgery.

She linked up with Milk Tyson, who started the FAM foundation to help fight childhood cancer.

Abri filmed a video, along with some friends, asking for help from her idol, Julianne Hough.

When asked what was the hardest part about fighting the disease her answer was simple. "not being able to dance."

Abri says, "all I want to do is dance, I even amputated my leg just to dance."

Saying she has missed three years due to the illness Abri says, "the only way she can catch up is with your help Julianne Hough."

No word from Julianne as of yet but how can you say no to this.

Tyson has been involved in humanitarian efforts in the past by helping a young lady by the name of Vara who wanted to sing with James Corden during his trademark bit "Carpool Karaoke."

"The Late Late Show" host flew Vara Gordon and her mother Emily from Ann Arbor, Michigan to Los Angeles. The show provided them with hotel accommodations in Hollywood and invited them to a taping later that day.

Vara and her mom got to hang in the green room, were given a VIP tour, and received premium seats for the taping. She even got to sit at Corden's desk and interview her mom!

Then the following day, Vara and her mom returned to the studio and hung out in the green room until it was time for the big moment. James Corden got behind the wheel and drove around with Vara for an hour doing "Carpool Karaoke."

Corden and Vara shot a video after the ride was completed, where he said, "At the start of this, we talked about how many great people have sat in that chair to do a 'Carpool.' Not one is greater than you. I mean it, you're incredible. Thank you for coming to do this, I'll never ever forget it."