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Junior Leaguer goes over the wall to make fantastic homer-saving grab

Jack Regenye of East-KAU made one of the most impressive catches we’ve ever seen. (Screenshot via @BarstoolHubbs)

We’ve all dreamed about making a game-saving catch as a kid. If you were lucky, maybe you even had the chance to do it. Maybe you’re still living off that excellent catch you made in high school.

But you probably didn’t do it on television in front of thousands of people.

That’s precisely what happened during Sunday’s Junior League Baseball World Series – which is part of the Little League World Series. The Asia-Pacific-Shing-Ming Junior League Team was poring it on, and looking to add to their lead. A ball was belted out to deep center, and it looked like they had just scored again.

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Enter East-KAU Little League centerfielder Jack Regenye.

Yep, Regenye went over the wall to make the leaping grab. That’s the impossible situation you practice as a kid, but never expect to happen in real life.

We should definitely see that again:

Asia-Pacific didn’t need the extra run, as the team beat East-KAU 12-1 in the championship. 

While Regenye’s team lost, he’s got a lot to be proud about here. That catch was on par with some of the tremendous defensive plays we’ve seen from major-league players. He ought to be happy with himself for that.

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