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Jury choice starts for NY trial over heiress' will

NEW YORK (AP) -- Jury selection has started in the trial surrounding the $300 million fortune of a reclusive heiress who chose to spend 20 years in a New York City hospital.

Attorneys began questioning prospective jurors Thursday in a case examining the validity of Huguette (oo-GEHT') Clark's will. Her father was a Montana copper baron who founded Las Vegas.

Clark was 104 when she died in 2011.

Clark signed two wills within six weeks in 2005. The first left most of her estate to distant relatives. The second cut them out and left her money to arts charities, a hospital, a nurse, a goddaughter and others.

The relatives want the later will invalidated. They say it's a product of manipulation by the hospital and others.

The beneficiaries say it represents Clark's true wishes.