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Jury Gives No Award to Motorist for Broadside Collision




A defense verdict was returned on the claim of a woman who said she suffered neck and back injuries after a car crash.

Janny Perez said she suffered disc herniations when her sport utility vehicle was broadsided by a sedan driven by Ryzard K. Wlodarzcyk when he was leaving a shopping center. The case went to the jury only on the issues of causation and damages after the court granted a directed verdict to Perez on the issue of negligence.

The defense noted a 12-day gap in seeking treatment after the crash and minimal damage to the vehicles. The defense also contended any disc herniations were either degenerative or simply not related to the collision.

Case: Perez v. Wlodarzcyk

Case No.: 15-000887-CI

Plaintiffs attorney: Omar F. Medina, Medina Law Firm, Tampa

Defense attorneys: Jennifer L. Rosinski, Plantation, John D. McBride, Tampa, Law Offices of Sanabria & Marsh