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Jury Reverses Citizens Insurance Denial on Plumbing Backup



A jury awarded $4,585 to the owner of an investment home in Coconut Creek on a claim of water damage from a broken pipe.

Citizens Property Insurance Corp. denied the claim, which included repairs and excavation of the house's driveway. Lovins Enterprises Group Inc. sued the insurer for breach of contract. The plaintiff's expert plumber testified he saw the bathroom covered in black wastewater and sand coming up from the shower drain, which indicated there was either a break or stoppage, and he confirmed it with a camera line.

The defense claimed that even if there was interior damage to the home, it was so minor that it did not warrant changing or replacing anything.

Case: Lovins Enterprises Group v. Citizens Property Insurance

Case No.: 17011778

Plaintiffs attorney: Lee D. Glassman, The Glassman Legal Group, Fort Lauderdale

Defense attorney: Evelyn M. Merchant, Berk Merchant & Sims, Coral Gables