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Justin Bieber Chipped His Tooth and Made Sure to Let His Many Instagram Followers Know

Yesterday, Justin Bieber chipped his tooth. But don’t worry, the Biebs let his 87 million-plus Instagram followers know that he was getting it fixed. The pop star shared a photo of him in the dentist’s office, flashing the peace sign and captioning the pic “I CHIPPED MY TOOTH” — riveting.

Well, we’re just glad that he’s OK! Then, Justin posted a photo of Jim Carrey as Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber.

After that he shared a photo of his mouth writing, “opposite of Jim.” So we’re guessing that based on this photo, Justin cracked his tooth on the opposite side of Lloyd’s?

So, according to the Daily Mail, Justin was at a boxing gym in New York City when the chip heard round the world went down. Fans noticed that when he left the gym, Justin had his mouth firmly closed.

Justin Bieber leaving a NYC boxing gym. (Photo: Splash News)

So this whole Instagram chipped-tooth business comes on the heels of a string of bizarre Bieber posts. Yesterday, he posted one of his face Photoshopped on singer Halsey’s body. Creepy but … they kind of look the same, no?

And then there was this close-up shot.

Both pics lacked captions, so fans were left scratching their heads — which might be exactly what the Biebs had in mind.

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