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Why Justin Bieber and Jared Kushner Are Joining Forces

Kimberly Truong

Talk about an unlikely team-up: Jared Kushner and Justin Bieber are amongst those lobbying to free rapper A$AP Rocky from a Swedish jail.

Other videos appear to show the rapper and his crew punching and kicking a man.

A$AP was detained on July 5, and has remained in custody since.

So far, in addition to Jared Kushner and Justin Bieber, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and other famous names have signed a petition to call for his release. Kim Kardashian also reportedly lobbied Donald Trump to help facilitate A$AP's release.

According to New York Times, Trump had a different take on how he became aware of the situation. He said he had received calls from his African-American friends urging him to help, and credited Melania Trump with bringing it to his attention.

“We are one,” he said. “We hope to get him home soon.”

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Swedish courts, however, have announced that they plan to detain A$AP until at least July 25, at which point a hearing will be held.