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JZZ Technologies Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire LPMG

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New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - January 15, 2020) - JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) has entered into a letter of intent to acquire LPMG to become prime operator of its agenda to monetize mass disruption in the media and entertainment sector.

Figure 1. LPMG - Event Production Company

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The proposed transaction would include a full share exchange of 100% of LPMG stock for a percentage of JZZI https://jzztech.com stock, making LPMG a wholly owned subsidiary of the company. The company would be acquiring LPMG as its Media and Entertainment operator with a combination of stock, cash and additional financing, in terms.

LPMG has been a family owned and operated business focused on live event productions for 15 years. The company was founded by Gary Lankford, operating under Heavy G Productions until formalized as Lankford Productions & Media Group, Inc. (LPMG). a Texas Corporation, in 2016.

Figure 2. LPMG - Live Event Production

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LPMG has steadily increased its revenue and reputation of producing legendary events for highly captivated clients that have been with the company since 2005 and is now producing live events for large, recognized organizations across the country. LPMG has the in-house ability to produce live events for large audiences of all sizes, however still earns positive revenues by producing smaller corporate events, often.

Figure 3. LPMG - Special Event Production

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Further, LPMG has spent a year building a functional news media platform of earned media that provides third party journalist focus on organizations and then converts to short news videos to meet the content consumption and sharing ability demands of modern consumers.

Figure 4. LPMG - Event size does not matter

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LPMG has a large, built out studio complex in Fort Worth, Texas and the capability to produce media content and events on location, anywhere, turn-key, for full production or participatory from stage, sound, lighting, room conversion, talent and more. LPMG has many web properties however its operational properties for general consumption are identified at https://LPMG.co.

Its news media platform is https://MN1.org.

LPMG has the ability to accelerate its growth, with the expansion capital commitment from JZZI. This will enable LPMG to acquire and integrate production companies, media companies and news agencies that would make it an ideal alternative to major news networks. LPMG will begin with local areas and then will expand its presence into wider geographic zones. This unique model and approach to the market provides severe competitive edge at delivery costs that may nullify existing news and entertainment companies.

With completion of the final agreement, LPMG will flex its ability to leverage its existing clients into more robust services and generate revenue in subscription based models as well as event based models.

The synergy of the two companies will improve LPMG's ability to increase its existing revenues and market share exponentially. As LPMG is fully operating, its ability to increase market share and revenue with a multi-pronged approach, could accelerate its market expansion at a faster than usual pace. LPMG has acquisitions of related companies that would increase its revenues, credibility, visibility, attraction, and audience circulation while decreasing its operating cost margins, in its industry roll up plans.

As we work towards a definitive agreement, details of the transaction will be published upon closing, according to the agreement between the two companies.

About JZZ Technologies, Inc.:

JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) is an industrial economic engineering agency. JZZ Tech provides industrially economic solutions designed to make highly disruptive technologies easily accessible to industry participants. Approaching industries with inclusive access models minimizes risk to disruption and maximizes monetization of disruptive technologies. JZZ Tech solutions provide a clear value to society at multiple levels by simplifying access, usage and integration of disruptive technologies to all industrial participants. Our method is to leverage needs and complications in post-disruptive environments, align incentive to value, consolidate and integrate experience and innovation, then produce tangible access with clear value of multiples in efficiency to each beneficial party at every transactional level. Through superior problem solving JZZ Tech produces a powerful net result of quicker monetization of applied solutions to industrial level problems. The net result is increased efficiency in societal adaptation to disruptive technology due to incentive satiation, to produce substantial profits for the agency of facilitation.

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