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Kaizen MG Relocates to Houston Texas

Houston, TX, June 10, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- KAIZEN MG and Houston, TX have officially become one. KAIZEN MG recently relocated headquarters and opened the doors for business earlier in May after successfully building their clientele and business in Tyler, TX last year. Founder and President TJ Graves have decided to take on new opportunities in a bigger city.

We had the opportunity of speaking with him in regards to the big move, "This was not in the plans whenever I opened up KAIZEN MG in Tyler, TX last year," said Graves. "...the opportunity presented itself and I knew the move was necessary in order to benefit my business." According to Graves, he explains how when he opened up KAIZEN MG he began with the ideas of "Always Improving" and "Continues Growth." Graves created his company with the ideology of wanting his growth to motivate people in always improving on themselves. As well as pushing themselves out of their comfort zone. Therefore, he knew this move aligned with the ideology of his company.

Graves was residing in the Houston area prior to opening his company KAIZEN MG in Tyler, TX. So he is no stranger to the busy city. Graves had learned about business development and was introduced to the clients he has now here in Houston.

When it comes to his new office, Graves is focused on creating a positive, team-oriented environment. According to Graves, he believes that an atmosphere based on unity, positivity and entrepreneurial spirit helps motivate and drive his fellow employees further in their career path.

With the summer season already here, there is no doubt that Graves will quickly unfold the success he desires for his new office in Houston, TX.
If you are in the Houston, TX area and are interested in a job opportunity with KAIZEN MG, contact them at hr@kaizenmg.net or call their Talent Acquisitions department at (832) 280 7043.

9894 Bissonnet St
Suite 700
Houston, TX 77036