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Kaley Cuoco talks staying grounded in Hollywood: 'This business is not real life'

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Think Kaley Cuoco just leads a perfect life? She's heard that before -- and can't help but laugh.

"I'm not having breakdowns, but we all have our struggles," she told AOL during a recent interview as she finished off a lemon scone from Panera. ("I think I just ate that without blinking or breathing!")

For the "Big Bang Theory" star, staying grounded is not up for debate. "I'm definitely sane. My great family keeps me sane," she explained. "This business is not real life. This is a fantasy."

Cuoco, one of the top-paid TV actresses in Hollywood history, also credits a healthy lifestyle for her ability to maintain normalcy in a very bizarre environment. The actress is a particular fan of restaurants that encourage smart choices, like Panera, which recently rolled out "sweet facts" fountain beverage cups that clearly list calories and sugars.

"When [nutritional information] is right in front of your face, there's no excuses," Cuoco said.

Matt Sayles/Invision for Panera Bread

That said, Cuoco is a big proponent of "cheat days" and occasionally enjoying, for example, a lemon scone. (She really loves these lemon scones!) The actress genuinely hopes that fans realize she's just a normal person with good days and bad.

"On Instagram, we only post our best moments. We post the glam, we put a filter on, but that's not how life is," the Cuoco said. "It's just not realistic. That's why I like social media, for me, at least -- I try to make it as real as possible. It's not about the glitz and glam."

"The Big Bang Theory" returns to CBS for season 11 on September 25.