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Karen D. Meier is being recognized by Continental Who's Who

WAPAKONETA, Ohio, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Karen D. Meier is being recognized by Continental Who's Who as an Ace Business Woman in the field of Management at Stealth Arms, an in-house, custom gun part supplier.

Founded and operating since 2012, Stealth Arms has a simple mission of meeting the needs of American gun owners. Currently selling a custom 1911 frame and launching their own flagship products, Stealth Arms continues expanding their business with every passing year. They produce 100% American-made build kits, tools, and parts, eliminating the need for a milling machine and giving customers the ability to build their own custom gun at home. Stealth Arms goes above and beyond, boasting unrivaled customer service and quality products.

Mrs. Meier has worked professionally in this field for six years, serving at Steal Arms for the last five years. Starting life as an orphan, Mrs. Meier rose from incredible peril and made an impressive career for herself despite her 9th grade education and lack of stable housing. She earned a GED later in life and went on to earn an associate's degree in business from Rhodes State College.

An active member of the International Association of Women, Mrs. Meier connects to other women, aiding in professional development and providing networking opportunities for women around the globe.

In Mrs. Meier's free time, she enjoys crocheting and spending time with her family.

Mrs. Meier dedicates this recognition to everyone at Stealth Arms with special recognition given to Tim Homan II.

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