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Katie Sturino and Stitch Fix Created the Ultimate Summer Capsule Collection—and Everything’s Available in Sizes 0 Through 24

Ana Colón

Is your summer mood "always on vacation"? Whether that's real or metaphorical, Katie Sturino has your wardrobe figured out.

The woman behind The 12ish Style has a brand-new design partnership—this time with the online personal styling service Stitch Fix—made for a shopper with a sense of wanderlust. The 21-piece capsule collection is filled with easy, breezy, colorful summer pieces inspired by Sturino's upcoming honeymoon in Italy. (It's appropriately titled Summer in Amalfi.)

“I always dress like I’m about to go on vacation somewhere," Sturino tells Glamour. "I feel that’s the theme of the collection: You can style it for the office or pack the whole thing and take it on a trip. It’s fun, breathable. I don’t think you’re going to want to throw these pieces away. You buy the caftan and you’re going to wear it next summer, the summer after."

Courtesy of Stitch Fix
Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Because this is Stitch Fix and because Sturino's long been a vocal advocate for size inclusivity in the fashion industry, everything will be available in sizes 0 through 24 and XS through 3X. This isn't the company's first influencer partnership (it had an exclusive launch of Julia Engel's Gal Meets Glam dresses earlier this year), but it's definitely its largest, both in terms of product and sizing. This is, however, the first time Sturino has designed something in both straight and plus sizes. "Collaborations I’ve done in the past have been only plus—which I think is fine and necessary, but it does continue to breed an element of separation," she says. "I really like that I can dress all my friends who are different sizes." Prices are just as accessible, ranging from $54 to $98.

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Sturino started talking to Stitch Fix about a potential collaboration back in October, when she visited the company's HQ in San Francisco. A few things caught her eye, but what really impressed her was meeting an in-house fit specialist who helps inform its product selection, particularly for its plus-size customers. "What I've found with Stitch Fix is that it takes one or two boxes for you to get in a rhythm, but the one thing that happens every single time is [good] fit," she says.

Sturino knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn't when it comes to clothes: "I don't want a shirt to hit at the clavicle, I want it to go lower; I don’t want my skirts to go below my knee; I’m actually good with a mini. There are certain things that are assumed with plus-size clothing. I feel—I hope—in my first collection, I’ve taken a stab at bringing in some things I prefer to wear and that I think other women do too.”

Courtesy of Stitch Fix
Courtesy of Stitch Fix

A few things were very important to Sturino in the making of this collection. First, she had to actually want to wear everything in it. Second, the fabrics needed to be on point. "When I touch it, I like it—I don’t feel it’s cheap or gross or something I would put on for one second and take off," she says.

The collection is a marriage of Stitch Fix's data and understanding of what its customer loves and Sturino's desire to challenge certain notions about what people of a certain size wear. Caftans are a big one: "People think they can’t wear them because there’s so much fabric…. We’re about to change people’s minds." It goes back to Sturino's own philosophy when it comes to style ("I’m always like, ‘Just try it on,’"), which aligns with the element of discovery that's central to Stitch Fix's business, of curating a selection of pieces tailored to each individual shopper. Sturino can personally attest to this: "They sent me this red jumpsuit that I never, ever would've picked out—not because I don’t like jumpsuits, but because I wasn’t familiar with the brand and the cut was a little more formal [than what I'd normally wear]. Now I love it. I’ve worn it to two different speaking events." There are pieces in this collection that the Stitch Fix customer "will feel safe in," like a wrap dress, and others that might be outside their comfort zone—exactly where Sturino wants them to be.

"I want the girl who looks at her size 2 friend and loves her outfit but doesn’t think she can wear anything but black jersey to say, ‘Oh, I can wear that too,’" Sturino says. "I want her to feel like she belongs, and that she can participate in this as well.”

Courtesy of Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online styling service, which means in order to shop Sturino's collection, you'll need to sign up and create a style profile. At this point, there's no fee—you just fill out your preferences and request pieces from Katie Sturino x Stitch Fix to be included in a Fix (what the company calls its boxes). The $20 styling fee comes into play when a Fix is shipped to you; however, that'll be credited toward any purchases that come from the shipment (i.e., a $78 caftan will be $58 to buy).

Katie Sturino x Stitch Fix's Summer in Amalfi collection drops today. But this is only phase one—she's already thinking ahead to future seasons and to what other fashion voids she can fill. “For future collections, I’m making more things that are harder to find," she says. "It’s really pushed my style and challenged me to look deeper and see what else I like."

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