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Katy Perry Super Bowl Dancing Shark GIFs

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Here are your GIFs of the dancing shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl halftime show from last night.

Look upon this shark, ye mighty, and despair.

"Hey, yeah, I’m gonna be dancing during the Super Bowl tomorrow. It’s pretty cool, I get to dress up as a shark. Nah, there’s no choreography or anything, I’m just gonna wing it."

Did you watch the second half of the game? Or were you too busy thinking about the shark –– or, perhaps, the man inside the shark costume? Did you find your thoughts irreversibly tending toward his plight, and the deep embarrassment he must feel?

Who will be the first to interview Man Inside Shark Costume? Will there be a documentary? A feature-length film? A ten-book series by Robert Caro?

Super Bowl Shark has secured his place in the history books, presuming that history books will one day cover ephemeral memes of sporting events past. 

Left Shark is all of us. He embodies billions. One day we will all be Left Shark, if we have not been already. 

Laugh at Left Shark at your own peril. And remember: One day it will be you onstage at your own Super Bowl, forgetting that which you were sent to accomplish.