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Kelly Ripa Gets 'Dragged' Up the Mountain With Husband and Son During Ski Trip

Gary Trock

Kelly Ripa celebrated making it to the top of the mountain during her snowy holiday vacation with her family, however getting back down is going to be a whole other story! The "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host shared an Instagram shot on Monday as she continues vacationing in the winter wonderland of Telluride, CO.

"Top of the world with #MC2," Ripa captioned her photo alongside husband Mark Consuelos and 22-year-old son Michael Consuelos.

Both the boys were smiling wide, however, the talk show star was bundled up, and added a sassy caption to explain her current mood.


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"they dragged me up here," Ripa wrote in parenthesis in her caption.

She's an avid skier, but apparently Mark and Michael brought her up to a run she's not very familiar with. The rest of the family, all wearing some killer shades, looked ready to rock.

"Take the PLUNGE, MAMA!" someone urged in the comments of her post. Ripa immediately responded, "no way," with a laughing face emoji.

It's unclear how Kelly eventually got down from the peak, however, she was holding some ski poles so it's possible she was able to slowly make her way back to flat ground.

Family Time

Kelly Ripa's trip to Telluride has been filled with warm moments of her and the rest of her family, including husband Mark Consuelos. They've owned a home out in the mountains for years, and the "Live With Kelly and Ryan" host shared a photo from way back in 2012.

Sitting on a wooden bench outside their home, Ripa and Consuelos are seen with their son, Michael, who was a mere teenager at the time.

"Three chickens, one nest," she captioned the throwback photo.

New Discoveries

Even though Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have lived in Telluride for years, she's still finding things in their home that she neve knew existed.

Last week, Ripa stumbled upon something in the home that is going to seriously up her fashion game while up in the snow.

"Not big on fashion selfies, but I’ve lived in this house for 11 years and JUST discovered a full length mirror behind the bedroom door. Plus i like this outfit," Ripa captioned her photo.