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Ken Starr Now Thinks Impeachment Is… Bad?

Peter Wade

Like a bad, politically-themed episode of VH1’s Where Are They Now? former special prosecutor Ken Starr is back on Fox News talking about impeachment. But this time, he’s against it?

“For the sake of the country, fulminate, but don’t go forward with impeachment. It’s so bad for the country,” he told host Ed Henry Friday afternoon, adding, “The American people want stability.”

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Starr went on to say that President Bill Clinton “had committed crimes, he committed the crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice.” But Trump, he said, has not committed crimes. Which, isn’t exactly true. Trump certainly tried to commit crimes, Mueller concluded, but was thwarted by

In another appearance on Fox News earlier the same day, however, Starr conceded that just like Clinton, Trump instructed witnesses to lie. For example, when Trump told now former White House Counsel Don McGahn that he didn’t tell him to fire the special prosecutor even though he had done just that. “The president went to McGahn and said, ‘I never told you to fire Mueller.’ You said there’s no obstruction, but isn’t that a little bit like coaching a witness?” Henry asked Starr.

“Who knows?” Starr admitted, stumbling a bit over his words. “That’s a fair point… It can be part of obstruction of justice,” Starr said before going back to defending Trump like the bullshitting partisan he is. So, the president attempting to obstruct justice is fine just as long as the president is a Republican. Got it.

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