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Kendall Joshua Aka Kjtherevolution: Approaching a Career in Music from an Entrepreneur's Perspective

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 3, 2020 / In today's music industry, hundreds of thousands of independent artists are trying to break through into the spotlight. Many try, and many fail due to a lack of knowledge in marketing and networking within the music industry. Yet, some artists, like Kendall Joshua, known by her stage name "KJTheRevolution," utilize marketing platforms to grow their career more effectively.

Joshua told us that any artists today should be a self-starter. There are enough tools available to market yourself as an artist and get a foot in the door if you know what to look for. Joshua herself has utilized social media platforms to grow an audience of over 40k, and has brought her music's popularity to an above-entry-level position, as she's started to grow a wave of momentum behind her projects.

Joshua advises artists to take advantage of their creative side when self-promoting. "Do you design your clothes? Do you pick which influencers you want to work with and how they promote you? I make all my merch, music, and tickets accessible to my fans." Through her efforts, she makes all of her platforms available through a single link, easily leading fans to her store or website. "There's so much joy in being able to have this direct relationship with my audience because I love and appreciate them so much."

Joshua stresses that it is important as a young artist to learn how to effectively use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, etc, in order to push content to new ears. "Many artists… are not doing the groundwork required to receive income off of their music… they don't budget or make the connections with those that can really help them." Joshua also advises that once you can afford to pay someone for services that they're good at, it's worth it. "For some artists, that's hiring a web designer, radio promoter, a dance influencer… you name it."

Even Joshua had the means to pay for services, but she was able to grow and spread her music to an audience for free. "It costs zero dollars and zero cents to simply interact with people who would dig your stuff! Artists can put their own money up when the time comes to connect and do business with those that can take it a step further." Through her introspective approach at growing as an artist, Joshua has started to see considerable progression in her music career. With plans to release more and more music, things are looking bright for this young artist.

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