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Kenny Britt Hauled A Pass In With One Hand And Secured The Ball With His Legs


Since Kenny Britt entered the NFL back in 2009, he’s struggled to bring his considerable talent to bear on the field consistently. Hampered by a combination of injuries, off-field problems and general poor lay, Britt has been a disappointment over the balance of his career. But damn, he can still pull off some breathtaking catches.

Going up the left sideline, Britt hauled in a Case Keenum pass with one hand, bobbled it as he hit the ground, trapped it between his legs, and still managed to finish off the catch. It’s a damn miracle he kept the ball off the ground as it bounced around, but this screencap tells you just how he managed to do it:

Via Twitter

On the Rams’ next possession, Britt took a short pass right outside of the end zone and fought through no less than FIVE Lions defenders for a touchdown in an unholy burst of strength. For many receivers, we’d say this is something like a coming out party, but Britt has shown these flashes plenty of times before. If he can string together a couple more games like this, then he’ll have our interest again. After all, he’s still only 28.

P.S.: The NFL’s catch rules may have been debated into nonsense over the years, but at least they still permitted that.