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Kenny Slaught - Advises Travelers on Santa Barbara's Must-Go Places to Explore

SANTA BARBARA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 11, 2017 / Stretched between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains, on the shoreline of the West Coast of the United States, the Santa Barbara county has a plethora of choices to offer to seasoned travelers to make their trip pleasurable and adventurous beyond the expected. Eminent property developer and thought leader, President of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught is keen to raise awareness of the unmatched potential of this southern pearl rightfully called the American Riviera for its oceanfront views, iconic selection of wine fields, soft climate and prestigious arts and film festivals. On his blog at KennySlaughtNews.com, the renowned industry executive has shared his views on best places to go in Santa Barbara in efforts to help expedite avid vacationers' travel planning.

First and foremost, Kenny Slaught emphasizes there are places in Santa Barbara that are simply mandatory for everyone to visit. He points to places where wild nature lovers can embrace their passion for open space attractions and a myriad of outdoor activities.

Plan your tour to Santa Barbara safaris, which guarantees you a truly amazing experience and spectacular views of the southern county. Then head to the backcountry to expose yourself to the Indian Caves, with animal tracks and road over the hills. Mountains, ocean, valleys, and numerous amusement activities are part of the tour and promise a thrill of adrenaline-infused rush and endless excitement to most reserved trippers, let alone avid adventurers. And if you decide to bring a family or friends, the Santa Barbara safaris are certainly a worthwhile choice that will leave every member of your group delighted and reenergized.

The Jesusita Trail is another popular tourist destination highly regarded for its weather and magnificent landscapes you will find there, along with a rich variety of native plants. Besides the forest views, visitors also enjoy the near proximity of the ocean. The numerous entrances that lead to the premise are designed in the form of dozens of routes that will guide you around the mountain range and offer a variety of options, from picnics to walking paths, to please everyone, whether you are traveling as a family, or a group looking to spend quality time together, or a loner who seeks to enjoy the personal space.

Founder of Investec Real Estate Companies, Kenny Slaught has been in the industry for more than four decades. A dedicated investment strategist, he manages more than 3 million square feet of property throughout California. With total transactions valued above $1.2 billion, Investec has grown to become one of Santa Barbara's leading real estate firms. An avid philanthropist, Mr. Slaught is involved with many non-profit and community organizations, including Hospice of Santa Barbara, and the Music Academy of the West. Contributing to the benefit of youth in the area, he dedicates considerable time to these, and other, worthy causes.

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