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Kevin Bacon honors 29 years with Kyra Sedgwick with a screenshot that says it all

Jennifer Kline, AOL.com

Happy anniversary to one of Hollywood's most long-lasting couples!

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick are celebrating 29 years, and just one screenshot from their latest text conversation embodies all that really needs to be said.

Before sharing the brief convo, Bacon posted two throwback pics from the couple's early days. "Happy day to my life love," he wrote. "#29yearsandcounting."

While still quite attractive today, the vintage pics show the two during their most glamorous days as '80s heartthrobs. Now, nearly three decades later, their love is still strong -- so much so, it doesn't need that Hollywood sparkle.

"Did you take the carrot?" the text conversation begins.

"We ate it last night," Bacon responds, to which his wife simply says, "K -- it was for the soup." They then both offer to pick up a new one from the grocery store.

"#29years," Bacon captioned the screenshot. What else nees to be said?