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Kevin Durant hadn't had a beer since February, and you could kind of tell

When you win an NBA championship, you celebrate in the locker room by spraying all sorts of alcohol all over everybody, and by imbibing all sorts of alcoholic beverages, and by generally packing a year’s worth of merriment into a frenetic and joyous burst of merriment. If you are Kevin Durant, though, you might decide not to drink deeply of the light beer provided for your pounding pleasure in the locker room after winning the first title and first NBA Finals MVP trophy of your career.

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Oh, sure: You might accept the beer into your mouth. But only briefly.

And you might try to replicate “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s “crush-the-beers-together-explode-them-and-chug-the-remnants” celebration. But only half-heartedly, and ineffectively.

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You might even actually sip one or two. But you will discard them with disdain as quickly as possible.

After celebrating his stellar performance in Golden State’s Game 5 win, Durant took the postgame podium to discuss a variety of topics, including the validation of achieving the collective goal that he and his fellow Warriors had set out before the start of the season way back in October.

“It feels so great because, like I said, it’s a team sport,” Durant said. “Man, you got to want to sacrifice. You got to want to put your teammates in front of yourself sometimes. And I just tried to do that, but also be aggressive. Andre [Iguodala] told me all the time, ‘It is your time, go take it, it’s about you.’ But I’m like, ‘No, it’s about us. It’s about us.’ But I’m still going to be me.”

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At that point, K.D. realized something.

“I’m talking too much at this point,” he said. “I had a couple too many beers. I haven’t had a beer since February.”

I’m not going to lie, KD: Based on the locker-room performance, we could kind of tell.

“So to have a beer right now and come talk to you guys, it feels great,” he added.

Glad to hear it, champ. Here’s hoping you spend the rest of the night knocking back something you actually want to drink!

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