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KFC Has A New ‘Festive Burger’ Being Sold For Christmas That Has A Hashbrown AND Cranberry Sauce

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: Instagram/fitwaffle

From Delish

Holiday-themed foods are almost as classic as the same old holiday movies you watch year after year. This new KFC holiday burger (which is not really a burger at all) is a little more out of the box, but I'm intrigued nonetheless.

Maybe it's not that it's nontraditional, but to me, this "burger" seems like it would've been more fit for the Thanksgiving season. It's a chicken sandwich that includes a hashbrown, some stuffing-flavored mayo, and a slather of cranberry dressing. It is giving me mad FRIENDS Moist Maker vibes.

It might be that KFC knows we have finally recovered from Thanksgiving and are ready to indulge in these flavors once again? Or it might be that this burger is exclusive to the UK and that's what they eat for Christmas over there? Which, actually, upon a simple Google search, is correct. For Christmas, many people across the pond eat the same foods that us Americans know to be synonymous with Thanksgiving. Anyhoo, let's carry on.

Although this limited-time menu offer is called the "Festive Burger," it is indeed a chicken sandwich made with KFC's original recipe boneless fillet. The sandwich also has cheese, along with the aforementioned hash brown, mayo made with sage and onion stuffing flavors, and cranberry dressing.

After seeing the photos of this thing I just know I'd be compelled to dip a side of fries in the various sauces that come on it. Or, perhaps, get a side of mashed potatoes to dip it in? Am I crazy?! Either way, I'm booking my flight straight to a UK KFC location right now, so I gotta go!

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