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This hilarious KFC soccer commercial looks exactly like Neymar's flopping

Much has been made of Neymar’s flopping during this World Cup. Brazil’s superstar has spent plenty of time on the ground writhing in agony — some warranted and some very much not. And his antics look a lot like a KFC South Africa commercial that was released upon the start of this year’s tournament.

Neymar has spent 14 minutes on the ground

Perhaps the most impressive advanced stat of this World Cup has been provided by Swiss TV station RTS Sport. According to RTS’ math, Neymar has spent 14 minutes’ worth of game time on the ground. Neymar has also drawn the most fouls in the tournament, including a record 10 against Switzerland.

Neymar’s actions have drawn plenty of ire, especially from Mexico coach Juan Carlos Osorio. Following Mexico’s 2-0 defeat to Brazil in the Round of 16 — a game in which Neymar had a goal and an assist — Osorio had some strong words:

“It’s an embarrassment for soccer that so much time was wasted on one player. The officiating was very biased and the players got tired of that.

“It’s not a good example for soccer, and for the world of soccer, for all the kids playing. This should be a sport of ability, of determination, a game of men, not of so much clowning.”

Neymar’s actions have also birthed the “Neymar rolling” trend on Twitter.

Neymar and Brazil face Belgium on Friday

Ignoring Neymar’s on-ground antics, Brazil is playing some of its best soccer. Next up for Brazil are the Red Devils of Belgium. The teams meet on Friday at 2 p.m. ET in what is a matchup of two of the most talented attacking sides in the world.

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Neymar has spent 14 minutes on the ground during the World Cup, and now a commercial is making fun of him for it. (AP Photo/Andre Penner)