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kgb 542542 Text Answer Service and kgbAnswers.com Are in the Huddle to Answer All Pro Football Questions

Zushan Lv, Governor of Zhejiang Province accompanied by Jinhua Vice Mayor, Zhongliang Jin, visit Kandi's display.

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - 09/28/10) - The NFL season is off and running -- and kgb's 542542 text answer service and its Web site, kgb Answers, www.kgbanswers.com, are game to tackle all pro football questions.kgb's 542542 text answer service is powered by thousands of kgb Special Agents who provide quick, accurate answers to any question at a cost of 99 cents per question.In addition to texting kgb for all your football questions, fans can also visit kgb Answers at www.kgbanswers.com and check out the service's most-asked gridiron queries for free on the site's football category page www.kgbanswers.com/categories/sport/football. Site visitors can search kgb's vast database of millions of questions and answers at no charge. kgb is featuring football-related content to showcase the extensive variety of questions users ask the service -- and the top-quality answers that kgb Agents research in response.The most popular football questions asked of kgb to date include (answers provided through the links below):Is Reggie Bush out for the season?
http://www.kgbanswers.com/is-reggie-bush-out-for-the-season/7558111Why did the NFL fine the Ravens coach?
http://www.kgbanswers.com/why-did-the-nfl-fine-the-ravens-coach/7558116How much was Brandon Jacobs fined for throwing his helmet into the stands during a game?
http://www.kgbanswers.com/how-much-was-brandon-jacobs-fined-for-throwing-his-helmet-into-the-stands-during-a-game/7558121Where is the 2011 Super Bowl being played?
http://www.kgbanswers.com/where-is-the-2011-super-bowl-being-played/7558119Did Braylon Edwards get arrested?
http://www.kgbanswers.com/did-braylon-edwards-get-arrested/7558112About kgbkgb is a privately held, New York-based company and the world's largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services. During its nineteen year history, kgb has built some of the most successful brands in the telecommunications, customer care and enhanced information services sectors. kgb's European brands include The Number 118 118 in the United Kingdom and Le Numero 118 218 in France, both of which are leading players in their respective markets.kgb has pioneered the provision of a broad range of wholesale and retail information services beyond traditional directory assistance services, including call completion, movie listings, train schedules, price comparisons and "Ask Us Anything" service across multiple platforms, including mobile and landline phones, SMS and the Internet. In 2009, kgb launched its text answer service, 542542 (kgbkgb) following the success of kgb's similar "Ask Us Anything" premium text answer service in the United Kingdom. Early in 2010, kgb extended the brand to the Web with the launch of kgbanswers.com, a site where users can search the vast kgb database of questions and answers, or ask their own question directly to a kgb Special Agent. kgb's customer care business operates in the U.S. and Europe and has over ten years of experience in providing call center support for many leading customer service and sales-oriented organizations across a variety of industry groups, including telecommunications, cable, utilities, government, and health care.In 2010, kgb harnessed its database of hyper-local directory assistance information to launch www.kgbdeals.com, a coupon deal site that brings its members a daily discount on popular products and services. Also in 2010 in the U.S. and Europe, kgb launched www.kgbpeople.com, a people search engine that enables consumers to monitor their profile on the Web, set alerts, and manage their reputation online. Last year kgb served more than a hundred million consumers globally and answered hundreds of millions of questions.The NFL, and the name and nicknames designating the NFL clubs and entities are all registered trademarks or service marks of the National Football League and their use in this press release, in addition to the use of the names of various NFL players, does not imply endorsement of kgb or of the service described in this press release.Embedded Video AvailableImage Available: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/frame_mw?attachid=1374163
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