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Kia Rio officially priced at just under $15,000

Joel Stocksdale

The completely redesigned Kia Rio goes on sale early next month, and Kia has finally released pricing for the whole range. Based on the current destination charge of $895, the cheapest Rio will start at $14,795. That's for a base-model LX sedan. Picking a hatchback adds $300 to price of any trim level Rio. The mid-level S starts at $16,995 for the sedan, and the EX sedan starts at $19,295.


This pricing closely matches that of other major small-car competitors. The LX sedan actually undercuts the base prices of the Chevy Sonic, Honda Fit and Nissan Versa Note. It's also only a bit higher than Ford Fiesta and Mitsubishi Mirage. But as we mentioned in our review of the Rio, it's probably best to skip the LX trim level, even if you're a manual transmission die-hard. It lacks key convenience features such as power windows, cruise control, telescopic steering wheel, and adjustable head rests. None of these can be optioned in, either.

As a result, it's best to spring for at least S trim level, which is roughly on par with Sonic, Fit and Versa Note. We find that at this trim level or higher, the Rio is a strong option. It might be a little short on space and power, but it's handsome, has a pleasant interior, and is surprisingly adept in the handling department.

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