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Kia Stonic not coming to America

Joel Stocksdale

At this year's Frankfurt auto show, Kia showed off its new Stonic subcompact crossover, the Stonic. It features all of the hallmarks of the typical affordable little crossover. It has lots of customizability in the form of many two-tone paint options. It has chunky, lifted looks with plastic cladding. It also comes with class-competitive engines making 147 and 175 horsepower. It's also based on the same platform as the compelling little Kia Rio. It seems like a shoo-in for the American market, but when it goes on sale in Europe this year, it won't be doing the same on our shores.

This was confirmed by a Kia representative. His official statement was that there are no current plans for selling it in the U.S. Considering how hot the crossover market is right now, even attracting corporate cousin Hyundai with its Kona, it seems surprising Kia wouldn't be interested in fielding its own take on the segment. Perhaps Kia has concerns about it cannibalizing sales of the highly successful Soul and the all-new Rio.

We wouldn't count on the Stonic staying away from the States forever, though. All that was said was the Stonic isn't planned for the U.S. That's not an outright "no, it will not come here, period." It could just be that Kia isn't ready to announce the car's introduction here, or perhaps it's still gauging interest. Maybe Kia has other small crossover-esque plans, after all, as successful and competitive as the Soul has been, it's starting to age a bit.

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