Kickstarter CEO: We Will Never Sell to a Bigger Company

Kickstarter won’t be raising funds from Google or Microsoft anytime soon.

In an interview with Yahoo Tech’s David Pogue at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Kickstarter cofounder and CEO Yancey Strickler pledged that he would never sell his popular crowdfunding site.

"From a business perspective, we decided from the very beginning that we would never IPO and we would never sell to a bigger company," Strickler explained.

As a business, Kickstarter has been profitable since 2010. And despite recent huge paydays for founders of popular startups like Instagram, Nest and WhatsApp, Strickler is apparently intent on remaining independent.

Watch Strickler explain why he’ll never sell in the clip above. And you can watch our entire interview with the Kickstarter CEO right here.

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