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Kid Sends Perfectly Blunt Cover Letter for Wall Street Internship, and Now Tons of People Are Trying to Hire Him

Julia La Roche and Joe Weisenthal

Sometimes we get forwarded applications for summer internships on Wall Street that are extremely embarrassing because the applicant is totally full of themselves or completely clueless.

What happens is the letters go viral and the Street passes them around in long email chains blasting the applicant. They're always funny, but a little bit sad.

That's exactly what we thought was going to happen today when we received this one in our inbox.  It turns that the cover letter originally sent to a boutique investment bank is exactly the opposite.

The cover letter below is unapologetically honest and people on Wall Street are calling it one of the best letters they have seen.  Everyone on the thread agrees the letter shows energy and pluck and honesty.

First, here's the letter...

And now here are some of the responses on a long thread...