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KIDBOX Appoints Kids Board of Directors, Inspiring Kids and Future Leaders to Do Good

10 member board of entrepreneurial and philanthropic kids ages 8-12 from across the country to collaborate with KIDBOX to spread kindness; kick off their term with a trip to NYC for a day of interactive educational sessions and fun

NEW YORK, July 31, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- KIDBOX, a mission-based kids' style box service creating curated boxes of clothing full of premier brands with substantial savings, is announcing the appointment of its third annual Kids Board of Directors for the 2019-2020 term. KIDBOX has paved the way for a new kind of personalized shopping for kids and is emphasizing its mission through the heartbeat of the brand, the kids, to inspire future leaders to act with kindness. Initiated in 2017, the KIDBOX Kids Board of Directors program is comprised of exceptional kids from across the country who have demonstrated strong leadership skills and a passion for social good.

This year's Board is comprised of ten amazing kids who will learn new leadership skills and identify and implement ways to serve as KIDBOX community ambassadors. KIDBOX will provide the resources to aid in their local projects to amplify their voices, give their philanthropic efforts national reach, and inspire other kids to do the same. During their time in New York, they will present their projects for an opportunity to receive $10,000 in clothing value from KIDBOX before a panel of retail, tech, and charity executives including: Yvonne Yip, GM, Footwear, Handbags, Accessories, Travel at Walmart and Jet, Shelby Wagner, VP, Silicon Valley Bank, KIDBOX founder Haim Dabah, and Delivering Good Director of Marketing Dionisia Hatzis.

Board members include inspirational young activist Mari Copeny, also known as Little Miss Flint, who advocates for environmental change surrounding the Flint water crisis, Jahkil Jackson, who founded Project I Am and is building awareness around homelessness, and Gabriel Benitez who is building homes for families in need in Tijuana.

"This year's Kids Board of Directors is comprised of outstanding, passionate young leaders who are already positively impacting the community with self-started initiatives," said Haim Dabah, KIDBOX founder and Chief Giving Officer. "We look forward to working closely with the Board this year to strengthen their leadership skills and collaborate with them on unique, fun ways to spread kindness among their peers and in their local communities and to give them the resources to amplify and grow their philanthropic pursuits. These kids are leading a trend of children finding ways to do good that is growing throughout our country."

The Kids Board of Directors will meet for the first time at KIDBOX's headquarters in New York City where they will participate in interactive sessions focused on kindness, leadership, and philanthropy. In addition to the Kidbassador session, the Board will hear from Jinji Nicole, former model and actress turned inspirational speaker who found herself homeless after an injury, and Lisa Gurwitch, President and CEO of Delivering Good. KIDBOX Kids Board alumni, Daniella Benitez, Jayden Perez, and Bella Temple will be on-hand to mentor kids individually and share their experiences as previous board members and volunteering their time donating clothing and toys to victims of hurricanes in Puerto Rico, building homes for those in need in Tijuana, and providing disaster relief in cities affected by hurricanes including Panama City, Florida and throughout North Carolina, respectively. The kids will head to the Harlem non-profit Cherry Kids, Inc to enjoy a carnival with the kids and present them with school supplies and backpacks.

Meet the 2019-2020 Kids Board of Directors:

  • Mari Copeny: 11-year-old also known as "Little Miss Flint" who is an advocate for environmental change and a voice for her community surrounding the water crisis in Flint
  • Jahkil Jackson: 11-year-old Project I Am founder from Chicago who is building awareness around homelessness
  • Havana Chapman Edwards: 8-year-old Washington, D.C. founder of Rhymers Are Readers who raises money to donate books with black female protagonists to encourage literacy and representation
  • Gabriel Benitez: 12-year-old San Diego resident who works with Build a Miracle to help raise money for and to build homes for families in need in Tijuana
  • Ryan Hickman: 9-year-old leading beach clean-up and recycling events in his community of San Juan Capistrano, California
  • Michael Wren: 11-year-old kid entrepreneur and author who started Mikey's Munchies Vending in St. Louis
  • Michelle Moreno: 8-year-old from Pembroke Pines, Florida who raises money for kids without access to clean drinking water through Charity Water
  • Isabella Davis: 10-year-old Lexington, North Carolina resident who helped collect over 500 toothbrushes for victims of Hurricane Florence
  • Tamia Hawkins: 12-year-old St. Louis resident who donates treats to the homeless through her business Mia's Treats
  • Franiya Tiffany: 9-year-old Mary Esther, Florida native with a passion for helping spread kindness and volunteering at local shelters

KIDBOX was founded with a social mission to clothe one million kids in need. After  overwhelming feedback from customers about how KIDBOX has created an opportunity for families to start a conversation about doing good at an earlier age, the mission has evolved to include teaching kids the importance of giving back and spreading kindness to prime them to become future leaders and kind people. The Kids Board of Directors will propel this mission even further. To date, KIDBOX has donated over $17 million in clothing to kids directly and through its partnership with Delivering Good.         

Launched in 2016, KIDBOX creates styled, curated boxes of clothing for kids full of premier brands with substantial savings. KIDBOX was founded with a social mission at its core to donate clothing to one million kids in need. Since then, the mission has evolved into creating moments for parents to start conversations about the importance of giving back and doing good with their children from an early age, priming kids to become kind people. This often happens when families select a charity together. KIDBOX is focused on inspiring kids to do good with the support of KIDBOX's Kids Board of Directors -- a board of 10 entrepreneurial kids spreading social good in their communities, and national Community Moms and Little Leaders programs. To date, KIDBOX has donated over $17 million in new clothing to children in need.

Pairing proprietary data science and machine learning with a team of expert stylists, KIDBOX creates a fun, easy and engaging shopping experience that starts online and delivers surprise and delight right to the doorstep of each customer, who often makes the opening and exploration of his or her KIDBOX a special event for the whole family. KIDBOX can outfit children from newborn to size 14 for girls and newborn to size 16 for boys, featuring over 160 premier brands, such as BCBG, Bombas, Buffalo, Disney, Quiksilver and Splendid. In April 2019, KIDBOX announced a partnership with Walmart to introduce the Walmart KIDBOX stylebox – an exclusive, curated stylebox for kids available on Walmart.com. In Summer 2018, KIDBOX introduced its exclusive brand lines: KIDBOX Kid's Club and KIDBOX Baby Basics.

KIDBOX is a VC-backed startup, led by Canvas Ventures and Firstime. It was founded by Haim Dabah, a long serving board member of Delivering Good. The company is headquartered in New York, NY. Visit https://www.kidbox.com and https://www.dogood.kidbox.com/ to learn more.


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