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Hairstylist Chris Appleton on How to Cut Men's Hair at Home – and It's Easier Than You Think!

Kaitlyn Frey

As social distancing has become the new norm during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Americans have started taking their hair styling needs into their own hands with at-home cuts and dye jobs. But since many men seem to be having difficulty when it comes to cutting their own hair, celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton posted a men’s cut tutorial on social media as a guide.

“You all asked for it and here it is how to cut men’s hair during quarantine,” Appleton, who works with stars like Kim Kardashian West and Jennifer Lopez, captioned the video.

To do the cut, Appleton said it’s important to have a pair of clippers, scissors, sectioning clips and a comb. And before jumping in and starting to trim, he recommends always sectioning the hair first so you know which areas will be longer and which will be shorter.

Once you do grab for the clippers, Appleton said to “go for a head size that’s longer than what you’re used to because you can always go a little bit shorter after.”

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Starting at the temple (always start at the front!), the hairstylist moves the clippers vertically up to the area that he sectioned off and once he reaches it, he makes a “flicking action on your wrist.” He continued, “You’re going to follow that all the way through to the back.”

Then to create a fade effect, Appleton went down one size on the clipper — from a four to a three — and worked around the head doing the same motion, but only moved the clippers up vertically halfway up this time.

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To blend the longer top portion of the hair seamlessly into the sides, the pro took down the clips and used his shears to trim it following the shape of the head, like a “half circle shape,” he said.

Appleton continued cutting the top of the hair by combing it upwards and trimming it like a “half-moon shape.” He added, “If you have really short hair, you can also just use a buzzer.”

His final words of wisdom: “Take your time. Always got a little bit longer than you want. Go in after and sharpen it up. Make sure you have a mirror if you’re doing yourself in the back!”