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Kinetic Social Achieves Twitter Ads API Partner Status

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - December 16, 2013) - Kinetic Social has been accepted to the Twitter Ads API partner program as part of the company's broader effort to enhance social advertising campaign effectiveness. With this partnership, Kinetic Social will tap into its core technology, the Kinetic Social Platform (KSP), and its multivariate testing harness to deliver large scale campaign optimization on Twitter (TWTR). Current clients who will be part of this new Twitter partnership include Delta Airlines, Norwegian Cruise Line, H&M, Stainmaster carpet and Time Inc.

In addition to advanced statistical optimization modeling, Kinetic Social identifies relevant and emerging trends across social media, enabling its clients to enhance the 'social signal' in their advertising campaigns. In-depth reporting and analytics demonstrate which messages are resonating with which audience segments to guide campaign decisions.

"Partnering with Twitter is a substantial step forward in our effort to 'socialize' brand advertising," said Don Mathis, Kinetic Social CEO. "Ads with social context significantly outperform those that lack it. At Kinetic, we make it our mission to enhance that social signal for our clients, and the Twitter relationship will dramatically improve our capabilities on this front."

The KSP is a cross-channel platform, and its optimization engine and social data capabilities work across multiple digital formats including real-time bidding on display inventory, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, and browser and in-app mobile ads.

"We've been effective thus far at delivering campaigns on Twitter for our clients, but acceptance to the formal API program, with its tightly coupled integration with our core backbone, will allow us to better leverage our audience modeling and more seamlessly integrate our social sentiment and data analysis engine on the Twitter platform," said Rocky Appiah, Kinetic Social CTO.

This partnership announcement follows closely on the heels of the Kinetic Compass creative optimization tool launch. The Kinetic Compass identifies the best performing social creative in real time, and has an auto-promote feature to take advantage of social trends in Facebook and now Twitter.

About Kinetic Social:

Kinetic is a social data and marketing technology company. Our core mission is to make sense of the world's 'social signal'. We analyze social context data, aggregated from a wide universe of digital sources, enabling breakaway insights and predictive modeling to yield the most effective full-funnel marketing solutions for our clients. Our patent-pending statistical optimization engine provides a unique and scalable approach to social marketing and cross-platform effectiveness. Kinetic integrates marketing programs across social media networks and beyond.

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