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Kinetics Marketing Boosts Career Opportunities in Miami, Oklahoma

MIAMI, OK--(Marketwired - May 26, 2016) - Kinetics Marketing, a small town marketing and promotions firm, has put Miami, Oklahoma on the map in 2015. As the demand for expansion from the company's Fortune 100 clients grows, Kinetics Marketing capitalizes by offering their associates unparalleled career growth opportunities.

Stephen Harrington, President and CEO of Kinetics Marketing was born and raised in Joplin, Missouri with one dream in mind; creating a brighter future for others. Stephen is a husband to wife, Sarah and father of two with a baby on the way. "My family is my main source of motivation. Coming from Joplin, I know the locals are just as invested in their families, as I am to mine. I want to provide the opportunity for personal and career growth that was given to me through this business. In my opinion, there has never been a better time to start an investment if your time than now," says Stephen.

Kinetics Marketing currently represents a few of the biggest brand names in the nation. "Because of a recent merger between clients and new local clients coming on board, our capability of growing into other regions has catapulted," explains Stephen. Recently released projections state Kinetics Marketing will span across five markets in three different states nation wide by December.

With these projections in mind, the Kinetics Marketing management team aligns their goals for the next quarter and beyond. The team has begun seeking highly motivated candidates that thrive in a fast paced, self-motivating environment in order to fuel their growth. Stephen explains, "The best candidates for our business come from sports or military backgrounds, however no previous experience is necessary. We offer a training program incomparable to any other offered in the area."

No experience is necessary to begin a career in the rewarding field of marketing and sales with Oklahoma's most promising firm. For more information about the career opportunities offered by Kinetics Marketing, visit www.KineticsMarketingInc.com.