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Kingdom Mugadza of Tirisano Partners in Battery Storage Development

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA / ACCESSWIRE / June 5, 2019 / Tirisano Partners, one of South Africa's emerging global leaders in investment acquisition, is taking their partnership with several technology providers a notch higher by actively participating in the research and development of effective storage batteries for renewable energy. The new project is expected to focus on creating a cost-effective and sustainable energy repository which would benefit the whole country in the long run.

South Africa is home to an abundant source of natural resources, and the country has had its share of boom in recent years. The growing economy made a rebound of about 3.4% in 2017, and the economy continues to grow with an expected increase by 4.3% in the years to come.

Though stability is just looming around the corner, the nation has had severe environmental problems over the last century with land degradation, deforestation, and substantial waste pollution plaguing the entire African continent. This project is bound to make a significant impact on the collective initiative of harnessing the power of nature and lessen the effects of stock and less effective technologies we have gotten used to.

To make natural energy harnessing more efficient, the partnership between Tirisano Partners and vanadium flow technology providers will center in the further development of vanadium redox flow batteries or VRFB. This type of rechargeable flow battery exploits the power of vanadium ions, which is seen to be far better than lithium in terms of electrostatic capabilities and optimal overload capacities.

Since lithium metal batteries have been more accepted in many applications because of its long-life and smaller composite, vanadium flow batteries are to reshape how we see batteries and energy storage. China was one of the pioneering countries to exploit the power of VFB and push its scalable use in the market.

Utility-scale lithium-ion batteries have immensely benefited some of its prime movers including Tesla who's had a huge competitive advantage. The recent partnership between the two South African giants will not only change the landscape of the local South African community, but new discoveries are expected to benefit the renewable energy industry. Large capacity, reliable, and cheaper vanadium flow batteries will influence current trends, and Kingdom believes the more unique technology has a winning chance in the long run.

Vanadium flow batteries are not just cost-effective alternatives but are also much more energy efficient at utility scale loads than lithium batteries. And since lithium batteries have had its share of marketability in the renewable energy industry, the South African company's partnership will be focusing on further developments on vanadium flow batteries.

Both Tirisano Partners and Managing Director, Kingdom Mugadza, are banking on the chemical efficiency of lithium batteries because of the immense energy capacity of using more significant electrolyte storage reservoir. VFB is also a stable energy source able to discharge power for long periods without causing any electrical damage or disastrous contaminations.

Vanadium also has an aqueous electrolyte and has inherent qualities of being non-flammable and safe. The batteries can operate at more extensive temperature ranges and exhibits longer life cycles. These qualities of vanadium flow batteries change the fundamental precept where lithium batteries have been accepted. It is a better alternative, and both companies eye on its reliability to take over the industry and win the world over.

Kingdom Mugadza is a local renewable and environment reformist and a Managing Partner of Tirisano Partners, located in Johannesburg, South Africa. He continues to inspire the African region with projects that not only benefit the collective community but whole industries. He hopes to inspire change and development, especially to his native country.

Tirisano Partners has been one of the forerunners of change in the South African business climate. The company continues to diversify its business portfolio by encouraging innovation and widening the scope of its operations to include renewable energy sources and fintech development among others. The partnership of several vanadium ion technology providers and Tirisano Partners will shape not just the South African renewables industry, but impact a global audience looking for better energy sources.



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