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Kingsberg Medical is Fast Growing Hormone Replacement Therapy Clinic Helping Relationships, Families and Lives by Eliminating Deficiency Symptoms

Kingsberg Medical Continues to Help Families, Relationships and Lives by Eliminating the Very Disruptive Symptoms that are Caused by Age Related Hormone Deficiency Symptoms. Working with People from all over the Country, the Online HRT Clinic is Rated as One of the Best

ALPHARETTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2016 / Kingsberg Medical, a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic runs full service medical treatment programs for those who qualify. We work with patients from all over the country. The clinic provides an initial free consultation, full testing, proper diagnosing of growth hormone (GH), testosterone and estrogen deficiencies, the writing of individualized treatment plans and prescriptions, top notch medications and the providing of full medical supervision for each client.

The center only works with licensed doctors in the field of endocrinology or a related medical practice and with fully trained clinical advisors. The headquarters are located in Alpharetta, Georgia, but patients can work with their advisors and doctors online from the privacy of their own homes anywhere in the country.

Kingsberg Medical has been in operation since 2007 and has successfully served and met the needs of thousands of patients country wide. The clinic has helped to keep families together by saving many marriages. Our doctors have assisted couples with hormonal imbalances that resulted in sexual and emotional strains on the union. Our physicians have also saved lives by giving quality back to those who lost all hope of a promising future due to feeling so poor from low hormone levels.

Kingsberg Medical delivers on a simple vision: To help patients with low GH levels, low testosterone levels and/or low estrogen levels to increase and balance their hormones with the right medications. This helps to eliminate the symptoms that come from hormonal deficiencies due to aging. The medications used by the clinic are only premium, bio-identical, synthetic hormones that are created under the strictest of conditions. The medications do not contain any unnecessary ingredients, additives or fillers. They are 100 percent pure and safe.

Kingsberg Medical also sets its mission to provide top customer service to each patient. Clinical advisors are available to assist patients with questions, concerns, medication preparation and self administration of their injections. Our licensed doctors provide medical monitoring on an on-going basis.

About Kingsberg Medical:

Kingsberg Medical is a hormone replacement therapy online clinic that offers a full program for human growth hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement therapy and estrogen replacement therapy. Kingsberg Medical offers everything necessary for a full service, legal HRT experience for patients all over the country. Our staff helps clients get the proper testing completed, a correct diagnose and properly prescribed medications. They set up appointments for testing for each patients and ship out the correct medications and supplies to patient’s homes. They also offer a first free consultation for anyone interested in HRT.

For more information, please visit https://www.hght.com

Contact Info:

Name: Brian Leeber
Email: info@hght.com
Organization: Kingsberg Medical
Address: 6728 Jamestown Drive, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone: (770) 772-4200

SOURCE: Kingsberg Medical