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Kirk Cousins will be the subject of a free agency documentary

On Monday, Kirk Cousins released an emotional goodbye letter to the Washington Redskins, but his introduction to the team that becomes his new home will be commemorated in a more visual medium.

If future generations wonder what life revolved around in 2018, we can only hope they learn how Kirk Cousins whipped the entire NFL into a frenzy. To supply our descendants with a better perspective, the upcoming documentary that charts Cousins’ free agency experience will be a valuable resource.

It’s very rare for an elite quarterback to hit the open market. Recognizing this, Cousins has hired a crew to follow him and capture the behind the scenes machinations of his historic free agency journey.

“We are opening up our home to allow a behind the scenes look into what really transpires before the contract number scrolls across the bottom line of ESPN,” Cousins said Monday night.


“Tom vs. Time’ is currently the gold standard of quarterback documentaries. Cousins’ free agency “Tom vs. Time” sounds like a natural follow-up, except Cousins doesn’t quite have the same following. He also hasn’t figured out which platform the final product will be released or air on.

Reportedly, the Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos (okay, maybe not Denver after all), New York Jets and Minnesota Vikings are the franchises Cousins has narrowed his focus on. Free agency period begins on Wednesday, March 14 at 4:00 p.m. ET.