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This Democrat agrees with Trump about the 'swamp'

Ben Werschkul
DC Producer

One of the Democratic candidates agrees with President Trump on one thing: Washington is a swamp.

The problem with President Trump, according to New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, is that "unfortunately, he lied" about what he would do. Trump "said he'd drain the swamp, he's filled the swamp," she said, adding, "he's lined his cabinet with the elite of the elite."

Gillibrand, who sat down with Rick Newman in her New Hampshire campaign headquarters for Yahoo Finance's Meet the Candidate series, has struggled to stand out amid a crowded Democratic field. She is embarking on a new campaign tack aimed directly at Trump.

In the coming week, the senator will travel to Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania for a “Broken Promises Tour” of battleground states. She also released a new ad that her campaign is calling the first anti-Trump TV ad of the 2020 cycle, highlighting pocketbook issues like jobs, prescription drug costs and infrastructure.

Gillibrand, who represents New York state with its large financial industry, has worked to position her campaign against corruption both in Washington and in the business sector. At a town hall with New Hampshire voters in Portsmouth on Sunday, Gillibrand led off by discussing what she said is the root of the problem: "political corruption, funded by special interests, that actually rot under the system in Washington."

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