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Kiss Your Afternoon Goodbye with Doge2048: Very Free Game. Such Addicting.

Deb Amlen
Yahoo Tech

Warning: Do not click on Doge2048 unless you have a spare week or so. It’s maddeningly addict…you’ve already clicked, haven’t you?

Forget the for-pay mobile game Threes. Sure, that kept you from being productive for a while, but be honest, you’ve ramped up to some of the other math-geeky games just to get your fix. There was 1024 and then, just so we didn’t collectively use up our data plans in one day, 19-year-old Italian web developer Gabriele Cirulli came out with a free web version called 2048.

How do you play? If you can press the arrow keys on your computer keyboard, you can play 2048. In the original version of 2048, when two squares with the same number make contact, they merge, so that two 2 squares join to form one 4 square; two squares of 4 merge to become 8; two squares of 8 become 16 and so on. The goal is to get the tiles to eventually merge to make a single 2048 square. It’s weirdly satisfying when the tiles start to add up.

The fact that I can now play on my laptop to my heart’s content for free and without fear of using up my precious cellphone gigabytes is bad enough for my ability to make a living, but now I am obsessively pushing arrow keys to get increasingly alarming and colorful photos of the weird-looking Shiba Inu who has become known as Doge. (Meme alert: This started in a 2005 Homestar Runner episode and is now responsible for apparently intelligent grown-ups walking around your office saying things like, “Very inventory report!” and “Wow! Amaze financials!”) As you merge more tiles and increase your score, Doge-like words of encouragement flash by, like “So scoring” and “Very unstoppable.”

Which doesn’t help me get back to work. Very conundrum.

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