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'TOP SECRET': Kit Kat unveils first new flavor in nearly a decade

Sarah Smith
Segment Producer/Booker

The Kit Kat bar is getting a new look — the minty chocolatey kind.

A new flavor, named ‘Kit Kat Duos,’ will be the first new permanent flavor launched by Kit Kat in almost a decade. The candy features the classic crispy wafer wrapped in dark chocolate and coated in mint créme.

The ‘Kit Kat Duo’ is the first new flavor in nearly a decade. (Source: Nestle)

The ‘Kit Kat Duo’ is not yet available in stores, and won’t be until December 2019. Yahoo Finance was able to obtain one of the few samples that are out there. The sample of the candy bar arrived in an enclosed silver package with a sticker reading “TOP SECRET” stamped on top.

Zack Guzman and the Friday panel on Yahoo Finance’s YFi PM had the opportunity to taste test the new Kit Kat flavor (video above).

The ‘Kit Kat Duo’ is the first new flavor in nearly a decade. (Source: Nestle)

Snack fans can find a wide variety of Kit Kat flavors outside of the U.S. in places like Japan, but the bars only come in chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, and dark chocolate varieties in America. Nestle (NESN.VX) manufactures the Kit Kats overseas, while chocolate giant, Hershey’s (HSY), which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, makes the American candy bars.

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