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Kleangas Announces Formation of its Scientific Advisory Board and its First Member

Largo, FL (Accesswire - Sept 5th, 2013) - KleanGas Energy Technologies, Inc. (KGET) announced it has formed a scientific advisory board to assist the company in its scientific research, growth, and business development.

Kleangas is very pleased to announce its first member

Dr. Bruno Denantes - ENSIC, ENSPM, Ph.D.

Dr. Bruno Denantes stated, "Kleangas and Global Energy share the same technological and commercial objectives, that being the future of energy is in the development and exploitation of hydrogen technologies. It is well known that governments and large institutions around the world are focusing the future in exploiting the power of the hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is plentiful and it is a source without limits. No other form of energy can be compared with over time."

Dr. Denantes has a PhD in business administration from Columbia University and an Msc degree in Engineering and ENSIC, ENSPM (IFP Petroleum Engineering). He was the founding member and Managing Director of Kappa International Group. Kappa's business operations include finding, managing, and supervising the exploration of oil and gas reserves, Kappa also provides consultancy, start up support and partners/clients include Amoco, Agip, Total, Perenco, Exxon, Burlington, BP, BHP, EDF,GDF, Sonatrach and Sincor.

From 1981 to 1991 Dr. Denantes was the International development program Director for Gaz de France. From 1980 to 1985 he worked for Total-Expro and was the Field Assets Development Leader in Cameroon and Indonesia. Between 1980-1984 he was operations director of the gas processing and petrochemical complex in Abu Dhabi. Between 1975 and 1980 he worked for Foster Wheeler in the US and France. Dr. Denantes worked as a process engineer on oil and gas field installation projects for Shell, Conoco, Agoco, NNPC, and Sonatrach. he brings a wealth of international knowledge, contacts and experience to the Company.

President and CEO of Kleangas, William Wylie, commented, "We are pleased and excited to have Dr. Denantes as a member of our newly formed advisory board, whom is such an accomplished man with a wealth of knowledge and resources at his disposal."

About Kleangas

KleanGas Energy Technologies is a research and development company dedicated to producing alternative clean technologies that promote energy efficiency throughout a wide range of applications. KleanGas designs, develops and markets various technologies including Oxy-Hydrogen on-demand generators, Reverse Fuel Cells, solar to Hydrogen, Welding, Cutting and other products to deliver a clean gas that provides energy savings, emissions reductions, on diesel, natural gas applications or fuel cells. All of our products are designed to assist companies in reducing operational costs, providing a competitive advantage and increasing our customer’s profitability.

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