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Knotty Roller, the Most Versatile Way to Loosen Knots and Strengthen Muscles, Breaks $20,000 Goal Within Hours of Kickstarter Launch

Backers have invested more than $25,000, and counting, in the innovative six-in-one foam roller that offers 200 uses while taking the cost and clutter out of muscle recovery.

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Knotty Roller, the affordable all-in-one muscle recovery system with six tools packed into one ingenious magnetic roller case, quickly broke its campaign goal– raising more than $20,000 in only eleven hours after launching on Kickstarter.

"We're excited to see the response from the crowdfunding community, who'll be the first to enjoy the ease of use and versatility of our product," said Knotty Roller CEO and Creator Wesley Wilson, a long-time personal trainer in California who developed the product after suffering his own injury while running.

"During my recovery, I tried out all the different types of foam rollers and massage tools and realized there was a real need for a more versatile product on the market that could be used over the entire body, not require as many individual pieces and be affordable," Wilson said.
Wilson says there are 200 different ways to use the Knotty Roller, which means there's no knot that stands a chance.

"When all pieces are together, the Knotty Roller is a dense 24-inch foam roller," he said. "Then, when you remove the top, it becomes a 24-inch half-dome…with these two taking care of all the big muscle groups."

In addition, the Knotty Roller includes a massage stick, two different massage balls and a stretch strap. The stretch strap is also used as the knotty roller carrying strap.

Wilson notes that the use of foam rolling is becoming more popular among a wide range of exercise enthusiasts – from someone just hitting the gym a few times a week to professional athletes – for muscle recovery and to strengthen muscles, as well.

"The Knotty Roller also saves you a bundle, since the cost of each one of these premium tools on their own adds up really quick," Wilson said. "With the Knotty Roller, anyone can take the cost and clutter out of muscle recovery. In short, the Knotty Roller is a single solution complete with six knot-blasting tools…all in one badass roller."

For more information, or to purchase this new muscle-relieving product at an early-bird discount during crowdfunding, visit the Knotty Roller Campaign Page on Kickstarter.