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Koenigsegg Readying 1,400HP, 280MPH One:1 Supercar

Jeff Perez

Everyone is itching to claim the title “world’s fastest production car.” We know Bugatti has already done so, and McLaren and Jag before that. But a new name may soon be atop the world speed leader board. That is, if Christian von Koenigsegg has anything to say about it.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the man behind Koenigsegg said that the automaker’s next great creation will in fact be the One:1 supercar— awkwardly named for its one-horsepower-per-kilogram ratio. Only six of these monsters will ever be built, each with a top speed of about 280 mph, and an estimated 1,400 horsepower.

Koenigsegg Agera One1

Perspective buyers though, you are S.O.L. Koenigsegg has said to have already sold all six of its new supercars for an undisclosed amount. Undisclosed, as in, more than the $1.6M Agera R. Probably a lot more.

The One:1 is expected to make its worldly debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show in China later this year, but, rumor has it we could see it in the U.S. soon after. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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