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Kohler Announces a Nightlight for Your Toilet

Brian Heater
Tech Columnist
Yahoo Tech

It’s nice to see a little innovation where it’s needed. And really, that’s why it’s so gratifying to see the Nightlight, a glowing blue light that attaches to your toilet seat to make sure you get where you need to go, and that everything goes where it needs to go. 

In the toilet innovation space, we’ve seen heated seats, automatically lowering seats, seats with dynamic sanitary covers and even remote-controlled seats. Forget all that: Kohler’s Nightlight serves a more noble purpose. The seat has two LED lights, giving the toilet a soft, blue glow that’ll make it easy to spot in the dead of night without being too harsh on your eyes.

The system works on a seven-hour cycle, so you can set it once and leave it alone — that is, until the four AA batteries run out of juice. And just for good measure, the company has added a Quiet Close feature, so you don’t go slamming the thing down afterward.

You can get the feature on one of two Kohler seats, including the C3, the $1,900 Rolls-Royce of toilet seats that comes with a built-in, temperature-controlled bidet. Expensive, perhaps, but can you really put a price on a warm and softly lit midnight toilet rendezvous?

There’s no price tag or release date for Nightlight yet, but you can read more about it from Kohler here

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