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Komax Heat Exchanger and Sludge Mixer Provide Key Benefits and Industry-wide Applications

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Komax Systems has implemented cutting-edge technologies to develop the most advanced sludge mixing with the Klean-Wall Heat Exchanger, to reducing negative ecological impact, increasing process efficiency and promote profitability for customers.

Hi-Pass Static Mixer: Non-Clogging Mixer Design

The Komax Hi-Pass sludge mixer, or non-clogging mixer- is designed to meet the most demanding and pressure-sensitive requirements. When municipal sludges contain fibrous and solid materials that could lead to plugging or fouling in a standard mixer, the sludge mixer, equipped with hi-pass mixing elements, set in combination sweeps approximately two thirds of the circumference of the pipe and directs the flow to the opposite side, creating "wall-to-wall" radial transfer.

Designed to be resistant to fouling or clogging, oblique angles eliminate corners that can trap solids and fibrous materials.  Momentum reversal and flow impingement provide "self-cleaning" with effectively mixing chemical solution into the main flow prior to dewatering process and deliver polymer savings of more than 25 percent.

Sludge Heater Technology: Benefits of Komax Sludge Heater

This powerful sludge heater can increase heat transfer four to six times more than a straight-jacketed pipe heat exchanger. The installation is usually done in a circulation loop and cuts the retention time by about half.  Komax sludge heaters are designed for sludge-to-water heat exchanger or even a sludge-to-sludge heat exchanger or a waste water heat exchanger can make use of this system.

No Cleaning

Komax sludge heater and non-clogging mixer will not require any cleaning. Even when the user chooses to perform some preventative cleaning, they can do it easily because of the unique Hi-Pass element design.

High Bacteriological Activity 

As a leading provider of biodigester solutions for the production and use of Biogas, improved digesting and a substantially high bacteriological activity are possible with this advanced sludge heater to achieve Carbon Emission Reduction and Renewable Energy Production.

Removes Wall Build-up

The efficiency of the Komax sludge mixer and sludge heater will not degrade with time. The system's high turbulence levels at the boundary walls ensure that constant buildup of municipal sludge and other materials is eliminated.

Supports Non-clogging

The Klean-Wall sludge heater can pass debris up to 50 percent of the pipe's diameter without plugging.

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