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Konstantinos Kazinakis of United Bunkers Investors Corporation Examines Investment Security Measures for Today's Markets

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / October 13, 2016 / With inflation rates in the United States and Canada calculated at just above one percent, the annual return on most savings accounts struggles to meet that mark. As a result, even those traditionally conservative with resources are willing to accept a modicum of risk in order to maintain the total worth of their portfolio. Konstantinos Kazinakis, a financial expert with United Bunkers Investors Corporation, evaluates investment security measures such as bond EFTs (exchange-traded funds) and TIPS (treasury inflation-protected securities) to safely and successfully grow wealth and overcome the complexities of today's markets.

Bond EFTs offer an accessible, inexpensive and flexible choice. Liquid and easy to trade, bond EFTs function much in the same way a stock on the exchange does; and like a mutual fund, they combine assets and utilizes professional managers to invest exclusively in a portfolio of bonds, only with a passive management strategy that minimizes the amount of buying and selling. Konstantinos Kazinakis notes that attractive features of bond EFTs are diversification, price transparency and the regular income streams. A great range of structure and term length means that some track wide indexes of thousands of bonds backed by favorably rated corporations, mortgages and the U.S. Treasury, while others are more focused indexes with narrow maturity ranges. Advantages include almost instantaneous details on value, as prices are updated every 15 seconds throughout the trading day, virtually eliminating uncertainty about performance; additionally, payments are usually distributed frequently, often on a monthly basis. With intraday trading availability and potential returns, EFTs are also alluring for their many market segment options, including those targeting foreign currencies, municipal bonds, low-risk Treasuries and riskier, higher-yield corporate bonds.

At any point, market volatility is inevitable-especially in the short-term. Konstantinos Kazinakis reminds investors that undertaking a patient but adaptable approach can prove to be a wise course of action. If used too inflexibly, the buy-and-hold technique will undermine earnings otherwise produced by selling early, yet remaining firm can strengthen portfolios against varying trends, while qualifying for lower rate taxes-and inflation always remains an issue in the long term. A tactic for adding further diversification and maximizing a portfolio's risk-reward payoff, TIPS are considered a reliable choice. For those preparing retirement plans, 10-year TIPS are an effective way to ensure future value with a guaranteed rate of return by the US Federal government, and are adjusted twice per year to guard against fluctuating prices and inflation.

Equity investment professional, Konstantinos Kazinakis has more than two decades of experience providing clients with trade financing, debt restructuring, and investment strategies that anticipate market trends, pricing, and demands. As President and Chief Operating Officer of United Bunkers Investors Corporation, he has managed transactions valued at over $1.5 billion as well as the successful repositioning of $1 billion of non-performance loans. As a recognized leader in the oil and petroleum industry, Mr. Kazinakis provides financing for advanced payments to wholesalers, bridge financing, receivables discounting, additional inventory, cargo transit, debt, property management, and mezzanine or working capital. United Bunkers Investors Corporation is supported by Financial Technology trade financing platform for a high technology solution to the global trade finance market, which is worth more than $ 4 Trillion US dollars a year, the gap is currently around $1.4 Trillion for the innovation in making trade financing more efficient and to protect against all risk.

Konstantinos Kazinakis - United Bunkers Investors Corporation: http://konstantinoskazinakisnews.com

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