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A Korean Air jet crashed into another plane at an airport but took off anyway

Benjamin Zhang
Korean Air Airbus A330-300 Vienna

Flickr/Ulrich Latzenhofer A Korean Air Airbus A330, similar to the one involved in the incident, taking off from Vienna On Friday, a  Korean Airlines jet collided with another aircraft on the ground at Yangon International Airport.

But instead of stopping to assess the damage, the airliner — with 134 passengers and 11 crew onboard — continued with its take-off procedure, the AP reported.

The jet, a widebody Airbus A330, clipped the tail of a neighboring Bangkok Airways plane with the tip of its wing. 

According to the AP, the pilots of the Korean Airbus didn't notice the collision, and none of the aircraft's collision warnings sounded to alert the crew.

It was, however, reported that ground staff at the airport witnessed the incident and immediately notified the the control tower of the damage.

The jet, Flight 472, returned to the Myanmar capital s hortly after taking off for the five hour flight to Seoul, after the officials determined a collision had occurred.

No injuries were reported and the delayed passengers boarded another flight for the South Korean capital later in the day.

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